Treat Her (And You) with Pregnant Lingerie 

Everything is an opportunity, even disgruntled pregnant women. When expectant mothers became disgusted with the hideous choices they had for maternity wear, someone heard their cries and saw an opportunity. For the first time, maternity shops have begun specializing in fashionable lingerie for pregnant women. Whereas, in the past, all pregnant women had available for them to choose from was generic, unattractive, white or beige undergarment which were uglier than hospital gowns. Today, sexy bras, panties and hosiery are readily available for the fashionable pregnant woman who wants to feel sexy again. This new style of lingerie is sufficiently feminine and fancy, whereas it was previously designed only for a functional purpose. The modern trend of pregnancy lingerie is designed to remind a soon-to-be-mom that she is still a women; not just an expectant mother. Woman can get anything from baby doll nighties to camisoles to negligees. Even thongs are being made for expectant mothers. These garments come in silk, satin and cotton.

These trendy new stores, catering to young pregnant ladies who still want to feel hot and sexy, may draw some criticism from people who don’t feel that pregnant women should be sexualized. The view of a pregnant lady as a sex object is still new to us. A hot pregnant woman showing some skin would not have gone over well in the 1950s. However, lingerie doesn’t necessarily need to be overly provocative. All it needs to be is a touch flirty and slightly suggestive. We’re living in a time when celebrity females flaunt their pregnancy and woman of all types are taught that pregnant is sexy and that they should savor their baby-bump body.

These sexy maternity clothes aren’t just a bit of vanity. They are filling a need. Being pregnant is a wonderful experience for women. However, retaining their natural femininity during this period is something more than a few women will struggle with. Most women will suffer with body issues and lack of sexual confidence during their pregnancy and they need to do things to remind themselves that they are still young, attractive and desirable. Adorning themselves in a wardrobe of sufficiently sexy and provocative maternity lingerie will permit a woman to keep feeling like a woman during those nine months of pregnancy.